Kare Plus "Join the UK's most established multi service healthcare franchise"

Why should you buy a healthcare franchise?

Are you looking for a fresh challenge in 2018? Are you considering starting your own business but are unsure what industry to enter? Is it your first business and you’re unsure about various aspects of business ownership?

A franchise model may be the perfect avenue. With a proven business model, you have the confidence you are investing time, money and energy into an achievable goal. Franchise support mechanisms also mean that you get help and support in areas you are not confident in.

The healthcare marketplace is now a multi-billion-pound industry, and with nursing shortages, an increasing need for post-hospital care services and an ageing population, there is an extensive opportunity to help fulfil these much-needed service provisions.

With healthcare being a challenging environment to enter though, a franchise is often the most opportunistic route into the industry. Franchise support systems will help your business remain in line with all legislation and help you develop compliant, profitable services.

Kare Plus franchise owners have access to an award-winning support team, helping them develop in all areas; including marketing, compliance, recruitment, IT, business development and new services.

With a multi-service business model, they can also develop multiple income streams providing nursing, medical and healthcare recruitment, as well as a range of homecare services.

If you would like to find out more about operating a healthcare franchise this coming year, you can download our healthcare franchising white paper. Alternatively, you can contact the Kare Plus franchise sales team to learn more about the opportunity, market trends and how you can begin your journey to making 2018 a year to remember.

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