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Kare Plus Launches First Franchise Advisory Board

This piece was first published on the Franchise Local website promoting the franchise advantages of being part of a network rather than going it alone on 15th April 2024.

As a leading UK franchisor, Kare Plus has launched its first franchise advisory board to provide a direct voice to franchisees across the network.

An established brand since 1989, Kare Plus operates across multiple locations and brings many advantages over starting your own business from scratch.

Our Franchise Advisory Board (FAB) is made up of six Kare Plus franchisees who bring ideas, feedback and support requests to us on behalf of the wider network.

Through quarterly meetings and regular updates in between, the perspectives from a new business owner alongside those of more experienced franchise owners are used to shape the future direction of our Kare Plus business model.

An image depicting six Kare Pluse franchisees who are members of our Franchise Advisory Board.

How Does Our Franchise Advisory Board Support Our Successful Business Model?

Any new business venture can seem daunting when you first start, which is why all the benefits of franchising can bring an extra level of confidence and increase the chance of success.

A franchise business model means you are your own boss with your own business.

It also means that rather than going it alone, you have the support and mentorship of an experienced national brand behind you throughout your franchise business journey.

The advantages for a successful business are many and having both experienced and new franchise owners on an advisory board offers a wide range of views and knowledge.

Each of our FAB members is a business owner operating an independent business under the Kare Plus franchise brand.

Whether they have been in the franchise network 10 years or 10 months, all have seen their business grow under both their own hard work, innovation and their franchisor’s mentorship.

Just some exmaples of ways the Franchise Advisory Board has benefitted our Kare Plus network include:

  • The introduction of a network-wide business plan for Complex Care services
  • Plans for expansion and diversification beyond healthcare (extending the ‘Plus’ in Kare Plus)
  • Best practice and shared marketing and business development ideas among our franchise network

How Does A Franchise Owner Find Success With Kare Plus?

While brand recognition plays a big part in building an established business, the mentorship support from the franchisor is also key to success.

Our FAB members are the voice for our network and their feedback and support only adds to our successful brand and already proven business model.

Most franchises offer ongoing support as part of the franchise fee and at Kare Plus, we are with you every step of the way as you begin your new business venture.

Not all of our franchisees had prior experience in healthcare or social care and appreciate the reduced risk that comes with the support of a long-established brand.

The many benefits of a franchise with Kare Plus include:

  • Business start up assistance
  • Ongoing business development
  • Compliance support and advice
  • Marketing advice and support
  • Existing franchise business owner advice through our Franchise Advisory Board.

Being your own boss with the mentorship of Kare Plus can reduce the potential risks many start up businesses can face.

At Kare Plus we listen to and encourage our franchisees to grow the brand and their business.

Advantages of Franchising

There are initial costs to opening your own franchise business, along with an ongoing management service fee to the franchisor to cover the costs of the ongoing support.

In addition to the benefits listed above, your initial investment into a Kare Plus franchise also bringsthe following franchise advantages:

  • Lower marketing and merchandise costs, with the buying power of a nationwide group to keep costs down
  • Brand recognition and confidence with our 35 years experience in the healthcare industry
  • Options to expand services with our support once your business is establised, not just into homecare but potentially other industries, such as hospitality
  • A dedicated business development manager for the duration of your franchise agreement
  • Annual awards for those franchises who truly excel in different areas of their business.

There is always somebody to turn to for business assistance and support when you run a franchise, while still enjoying the benefits of being your own boss.

Ready To Find Out More?

Whether it’s more information about our franchise fees, available Kare Plus territories or even just a general chat, contact our Franchise Sales team today on 01952 783338 or email franchising@kareplus.co.uk.