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Kare Plus Care Awards 2023 – Celebrating Our Amazing Network

Once again, we have been celebrating excellence in our business with our Kare Plus care awards 2023.

The annual Kare Plus Awards recognise the businesses in our franchise network that have shown innovation, a strong community focus and the drive to grow in new areas in the past year.

Awards included innovation in both agency and homecare services, social media and marketing, community champion, employee recognition and best newcomer.

All of our Kare Plus franchisees did incredible work last year and continue to grow, succeed and support their local communities.

Our annual in-house social care awards celebrate the dedication, business creativity and corporate social responsibility.

The winners of our national care awards for 2023 are:


Best Social Media and Marketing – Kare Plus Ashford

With a keen understanding of the dynamics of social media and marketing, Kare Plus Ashford has demonstrated exceptional creativity in crafting campaigns that not only resonate with their target audience but also effectively convey the values and services of Kare Plus.

Their ability to leverage various platforms and techniques has resulted in noteworthy visibility, successfully capturing the attention of their audience and fostering meaningful engagement.

Innovation In Workforce Solutions – Kare Plus Oxford

This award recognises Kare Plus Oxford‘s Workforce Solutions team as leaders in innovation, setting a benchmark for excellence in workforce management with a stellar track record and an outstanding workforce solutions model.

Their commitment to excellence not only benefited local operations but also positioned them as a valuable collaborator in our efforts to strengthen the Kare Plus network as a whole.

They have actively worked with us to share and replicate their successful workforce solutions model across the network, showcasing a spirit of collaboration and a commitment to elevating the standards of our workforce management strategies.

Innovation In Homecare – Kare Plus Redbridge

At the forefront of innovation, Kare Plus Redbridge has demonstrated a commitment to pushing boundaries and introducing creative solutions that have significantly enhanced the quality of homecare provided.

A notable aspect of Kare Plus Redbridge’s innovation is their strategic entry into complex care services. By venturing into this specialised area, they are not only meeting the evolving needs of the community but are also leading the Kare Plus brand into new territories.

Their ability to embrace and excel in complex care showcases a forward-thinking approach and a dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, resulting in this Kare Plus home care award.

Community Champion – Kare Plus Romford

Kare Plus Romford earned the Community Champion Award in recognition of their remarkable dedication to giving back to the community.

Through various philanthropic initiatives, community outreach programs and active participation in local events, Kare Plus Romford has made a significant positive impact on the lives of residents in the Romford area.

Their commitment to social responsibility and community engagement is truly commendable, making them a deserving recipient of this award.

Employee Recognition Award – Kare Plus Newcastle

The Employee Recognition Award bestowed upon Kare Plus Newcastle is a testament to their outstanding efforts in acknowledging and appreciating their employees.

By implementing effective recognition programs, fostering a supportive work environment, and providing continuous professional development opportunities, Kare Plus Newcastle has created a workplace culture where employees feel valued and motivated.

This award recognises their commitment to employee well-being and their exceptional practices in employee recognition.

Best Newcomer – Kare Plus Kenilworth

Kare Plus Kenilworth is honoured with the Best Newcomer Award for their remarkable achievements and contributions since joining the Kare Plus network.

Despite being relatively new, Kare Plus Kenilworth has demonstrated excellence in business operations, service delivery, and community integration.

Their rapid and positive impact, as well as their recognition with a Care Award in 2023, solidifies their position as a standout newcomer.

This award acknowledges their outstanding performance and rapid integration into the Kare Plus family.


A huge well done to all our winners from everyone here at Kare Plus Franchising.

We’re so incredibly proud of all our Kare Plus network and all they continue to achieve in the UK care industry.


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