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Why you should look for an ethical franchise

As a responsible franchisor, our role is to award our opportunity to franchisees who we feel are suitably skilled and confident to oversee the day to day operation of our model. We also have a duty to aid all applicants to make an informed decision on whether franchising is for them by sharing the pros and cons of owning a franchise. Let’s remember, it’s not for everyone!

On account of the franchising sector not being regulated there are franchisor’s that operate in the industry unethically and do not take the same level of care and attention to who they welcome into their network. Not only is this damaging for the brand, it also presents great risk for the reputation of franchising and puts the livelihoods of each applicant at unnecessary risk. This is why an accreditation with the BFA is of huge importance and value to Kare Plus Franchising Limited.

If a franchise doesn’t hold an accreditation with the BFA it doesn’t mean they operate their business in an unethical way. However, due to the strict application process, we find the BFA to be a beacon of awareness for new entrepreneurs. The support and guidance shared in addition to the credibility of the brand aids applicants to identify a credible franchisor that meets their scope of ambition resulting in a positive investment for their future.

By holding an accreditation each applicant knows your business has undergone the rigorous yet streamlined application and review process undertaken by the BFA. By being accredited you are able to demonstrate that your franchise operates fairly and ethically, it truly is a logo to wear with pride!

As we look forward to a strong and continued relationship with the BFA, Kare Plus recommends all franchisor’s to become BFA accredited.

Yvonne Tomlinson, Chief Executive Officer, Kare Plus Franchising Limited.