Kare Plus "Join the UK's most established multi service healthcare franchise"

What are the benefits of joining a franchise?

Franchising has shown itself to be both a resilient and adaptive industry. Like any business, a franchise may have experienced good years or bad years however the most important factor is that of a healthy and sustainable growth.

While each franchisor is unique, all good franchisor’s have the following attributes:

  • Proven Model – this means much lower risk than an unproven concept – it will however still take a lot of time, energy and commitment to establish your franchise.
  • Established Network – meaning the business is less vulnerable to regional or local instability
  • Centralised and operational support – you are supported by a range of experts and specialists both in your business and over the phone and email.

It is important to do your research to find the franchise that is right for you – any major decision should be based on a good assessment of your options.

Why not find out how Kare Plus could be the franchise for you by joining us on our discovery event on the 21st May? You can join from the comfort of your own home and all you will need to do is pop the kettle on.