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Tips for working from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Like the vast majority of businesses and people in the United Kingdom at the moment, you may have found yourself in different working conditions to what you are used to. For most people, that means working from home.

For some, working from home is a normal part of everyday life, but for the majority, it is a completely new way of working. Whether you’re already a master of working from home, or this is completely new to you, hopefully the following tips will provide you with that little extra to help.

Create a dedicated workspace

It’s vital that you set a dedicated workspace right from the very start, and in order to feel like you are at work, you need to be able to differentiate between your ‘workspace’ and ‘homespace’. Spending your working day on the same settee that you will then use in the evening watching TV will make it hard to switch off the ‘work button’. This could lead to tiredness and a drop in productivity in the long term.

A desk and a comfortable working chair should help to make the perfect workstation, although a dining room chair and table will do. Just make sure it’s away from where you like to spend your downtime.

Set established working hours

It’s easy for the lines between personal life and work life to become blurred when working from home, which is why setting a regular work routine is incredibly important. You don’t have to set work hours down to the minutes and seconds, but having a good idea of when you are going to start working and when you aim to finish for the day will get you into a routine. 

Set established breaks

You must also ensure you set yourself a break each day, even if it’s just fifteen minutes to get some fresh air in the back garden or walk the dog. Those of us who work in offices are typically very sedentary anyway, but having removed the need to commute means that people will potentially be even less mobile than they once were. A breath of fresh air and some time away from the screen will leave you feeling refreshed and more productive. One important point to remember when going outside your home is to make sure you maintain social distancing,

Maintain regular communication

Moving from a busy office to working at home can be quite isolating, especially if you live alone. This is why it’s vital for you to maintain regular contact with your colleagues and managers. It will not only help you stay focused and productive, but it will provide you with a friendly face and voice to speak to. There are lots of different ways we can speak to each other online now, and most businesses will already have a system in place to accommodate video and voice communication. 

Discuss your working situation with your cohabitants 

If you do live with family or friends, make sure you set some clear ground rules with them. Working from home does not mean that you can now help with chores and take half-an-hour to grab a quick catch up. Those you are living with must always remember and understand that you are still working, and that you need space to do so. This isn’t to say you must be completely inflexible, as you are also intruding on their shared space! This is why discussing the situation right from the beginning will result in a much more productive working environment. 

Limit distractions

If you are the kind of person who is easily distracted, it may be worth removing any unnecessary distractions from your workspace. The social pressure of working in an office makes it easier to stay focused on your work, but you are free to browse social media and watch TV at home without any judgement. If possible, try to create a distraction-free workstation and avoid Netflix! 

Plan your days

The key to a productive working day is planning out beforehand. At the start of each day while you drink your morning coffee or eat breakfast, write out all the jobs you know you need to do and try to order them in order of importance. Having structure in your working day will keep you focused and then you should never be in a situation whereby you are sat around wondering what to do next.   

As we all adapt to this new style of working in the interim, it’s worth trying to make your new working environment as productive as possible and continue on regardless of external events. This is why it’s business as usual at Kare Plus, as our entire team is now remotely working from home – including our Franchise Sales team.

So if you would like to get in touch to discuss the Kare Plus franchise opportunity on your lunch break, feel free to give us a call on 01952 783 338 or you can request a call through our Calendly page by clicking the link below. 




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