Kare Plus "Join the UK's most established multi service healthcare franchise"

Nationally Known, Locally Owned

Kare Plus: Delivering outstanding workforce solutions; nursing, care and support to local communities, nationally.

Many people may look at a Kare Plus franchise and see a large national brand, but will also identify a business that sits at the very heart of the local community.

Being a local healthcare provider with a real presence in a community is so important; Kare Plus is honoured to be able to ward our franchise to local entrepreneurs who have the desire to make a positive difference to their local community, whilst being supported by the knowledge and experience of a national brand.

Franchising is an excellent way to boost the local economy; it gives entrepreneurs the confidence to get into business for themselves, but not by themselves. Choosing to take on a franchise, a proven business model with an established brand, is a securer way of investing your time and money:

By investing in a healthcare franchise, you are not only able to promote independence and provide comfort and care to vulnerable people, you are also supported to become a key partner to other healthcare businesses, aiding them to maintain quality care at all times.

As an employer, Kare Plus looks to offer sustainable reimbursement for care delivery roles, this is the reason our rates exceed that of a national minimum. As a result, our staff retention is consistently high, our essential care teams feel empowered, valued and rewarded. In addition, the ability to recruit locally offers many added benefits, mainly, this is knowledge of the local areas. Kare Plus frequently and regularly engage with our care teams to devise new methods and services we can offer, adding value to our customers and additional skills to our employees.

Social Value is of huge importance and as a business in the provision to provide excellent care; our franchisees are at the very forefront of aiding our customers and clients to ensure this is achieved. The core principles of a Kare Plus franchise are perfectly aligned to this and they ensure that equality, environmental stability and the wellbeing of individuals are enhanced in line with all core actions that we practice.

When Adriana Cocut, Franchise Director Kare Plus Newark, went on a customer assessment, she soon identified a problem relating to the accommodation where the customer was living; the issue was because the accommodation was far from suitable for the customer’s needs. She took it upon herself, knowing this was largely impacting the customers wellbeing and overall health, to support them to source new accommodation. She fully assessed the risk and then supported the customer to identify viable options.

Acting as an advocate, Adriana has now supported this client to source accommodation that fits their specific care needs and requirements.

The customer was more than happy to relay his feedback on the support he received stating
“I would like to say thank you to you and your team of carers who listened to me. Thanks to Kare Plus Newark and other professionals, I will move to a new house’.

This is just a typical example of the caring nature of our network who, whilst operating under a national brand, are recognised, and accepted as an integral business to a local community.