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Kare Plus launches ‘Care on a Card’ Christmas Campaign!

Kare Plus is extremely excited to launch the ‘Care on a Card’ Campaign working in partnership with NAPA (National Activities Providers Association).

Our aim is to bring cheer and opportunity to care home residents and homecare customers alike to get involved in designing the cover of our Kare Plus Christmas card for 2020 #karecards. We want as much entries as possible so if you want to share the spirit of Christmas creativity please do so and learn how to enter here.

Not only does this campaign bring much needed activities and cheer to care homes, it also provides our network of businesses an opportunity to engage or re-engage with their customers and clients. At Kare Plus its not just about developing relationships, its about partnerships, and with NAPA, will be circulating the campaign on their website and sharing it within their newsletter across the activity teams and coordinators in Care Homes across the UK.

Care Home Events Board Card

Care Home Events/ Notice Board Advert

This year has been particularly tough for everyone, and especially so for those individuals living in care. So, the thinking behind this campaign is to hope to entertain a few folk, spread the Christmas cheer at what may be a difficult time of year in light of Pandemic restrictions with a nice hamper prize in the offering. We are sure you will agree that never have social activities in care homes been more important, especially with the ongoing care home crisis. We are sure that activity teams everywhere would love to try to win the hamper for their home! Or Kare Plus customers to win for their family this Christmas.

If you want to learn more about the Kare Plus opportunity please get in touch with our team today.