Kare Plus "Join the UK's most established multi service healthcare franchise"

Creating advantages through franchising in healthcare since 1989

Kare Plus – Creating advantages through franchising in healthcare since 1989

Franchising has shown itself to be both a resilient and adaptive industry. Like any business, a franchise may have experienced good years or bad years, however the most important factor is having sustainable growth.

Originally founded in 1989 to supply scrub nurses to hospitals nationwide, Kare Plus has grown alongside the healthcare sector and now stands as one of the most established providers in the industry.

Our commitment to innovation and quality has stood with us throughout our history, bringing with it the knowledge, expertise and foresight to help aspiring franchise owners build their own success in the healthcare industry. Over the years the franchise model has undergone numerous innovative changes to support the development of the brand and we have also seen a real evolution of the healthcare sector too.

Part of what sets Kare Plus apart from other care providers and recruiters, is that we offer a model built around delivering multiple opportunities with multiple revenue streams. This means that where other franchisors will set you up with a business, we will support you to grow and adapt your business to your local market.

Our model enables you to provide a full 360 care provision to your local community, whether you are supporting other care providers to maintain a sufficient level of staff or supporting customers to maintain their independence and receive care and support at home, our franchise is build with adaptability in mind. The needs and requirements of each individual customer can vary substantially, which is why the Kare Plus franchise model was designed this way. Variety in the services you provide enable and empowers you to better support customers in your territory and capitalise on the developing demand in your area.

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