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Funding Your Future Franchise

Funding your franchise can be a intimidating prospect to consider and it is also one of the many reasons people are put off proceeding. But what if we were to tell you that banks and other lending providers are aware and very comfortable working in the franchising sector, would that make you think again?

On account of its high success rate compared to traditional business start-up’s, the chances of lenders getting a return on their loan is much higher with a franchise than with an independent start-up. On account of the higher success rate, financing is available for higher percentages than with a standalone venture. This means that your aspiration of having a healthcare business is a closer reality than you may have first thought.

On Kare Plus, and through the utilisation of our proven business model, you would be eligible for funding for up to 70% of the overall cost (franchise fee + working capital). We are also proud to be able to provide funding solutions by working with some of the largest lenders in the industry.

Everyone’s funding requirements are different, consequently, we can also support you to procure a clearer picture what lending product may be best for you. This is accomplished by working with our lending partners who will access your circumstances on an independent level. Due to our rigorous application process and guidance with business planning we can also further support your funding application, ensuring you the best possible chance of loan approval and overall success.

To learn more about the support and commitment our franchise will provide to you, contact our friendly franchise award team today!