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Developing a strong franchisee to franchisor relationship

A good relationship between franchisor and franchisee is important to ensure a positive, trusting and ongoing relationship. The franchisees need operate successfully in order for the franchisor to succeed, and support is key to ensure this happens. Of course, both parties are in it to earn a profit, but all businesses can have problems, and a strong foundation between partners can make sure that these problems are overcome.

The nature of the relationship you are entering into must be understood. It is a unique yet useful relationship to be in, and not as one sided as you might think! Yes, Kare Plus does have a duty of care to our franchisees. However, if we were of sole responsibility, the success and failure of the business would be completely up to us, and this isn’t the case. A great franchisor can be let down by a franchisee who isn’t up to scratch, but we want to ensure that the relationship is a prosperous one for all parties involved.

Honesty is the best policy! All relationships need good communication to work well, and this one is no different. Dishonesty can result in unrealistic expectations, and we don’t want this to happen. Protocol and policy is needed for effective communication. Making a professional framework reduces uncertainty on both sides and will ensure that there are no doubts about guidelines, limiting potential miscommunication.

Typically, a franchise agreement lasts over 10- 20 years or even more, and relationships that are structured over this period of time must be amicable. Trust does often develop over time, and franchise agreements provide sufficient time to build up a ‘bank’ of trust. The franchise agreement is founded on a sense of independence. Despite being joined to the franchisor, it is still your business, and you will have an emotional, albeit economical, attachment to it.

While resorting to a legalistic approach may work or be needed in franchising, most of the time it is generally unsuccessful, when put into practice on a daily basis. It can also be expensive in terms of economics, time management and in other resources. Trust builds cooperation and avoids the need for more costly alternatives.

So, the relationship includes the potential for each party to affect the other’s investment, over an extended period of time. Due to this, it’s obvious that enhanced trust will make the mutual protection and growth to achieve.

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