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A story of success from Kare Plus Oxford at this year’s British & International Franchise Exhibition

Attendees at this year’s British and International Franchise Exhibition – held at the prestigious Olympia in London – had the chance to meet with Imran Qureshi, the owner of Kare Plus Oxford – one of our most successful franchises. With several years running a prosperous healthcare franchise, Imran was the perfect person to talk to about the Kare Plus franchising opportunity.


Imran described his success, the support offered by Kare Plus and his journey before joining the network. In a frank and open talk to aspiring franchise owners, Imran detailed the start of his journey discussing his due diligence and the research he carried out before choosing Kare Plus.


After quitting a career in the telecommunications industry, I began researching what territory I wanted to go into and the financial options I would need to consider should I open my own business. I then took into consideration the industry I wanted to go into, who the competition were and what my goals should be. It was also important that I looked at the long-term outlook of the business, where will it be in 2-3 years time?”


Imran was keen to point out how important research should be to an aspiring franchisee: “Research is vital if you plan on leaving your current career or business to pursue a franchise opportunity. It’s not an easy path, but it can be a successful one with the right amount of effort and a great franchise model, like that of Kare Plus.


Support was an integral part of Imran’s journey to success, citing the Kare Plus team as a reliable and knowledgeable point of contact. The first part of the franchise journey can be one of the toughest, and this is often the point that many franchisees rely on the support of the franchisor. Kare Plus has numerous support systems for new franchisees to rely on, with regular training sessions, an extensive library of documentation and a team of experienced specialists to help bridge the gap during the critical opening period. Imran regularly praises the support function and did so during his talk at the franchise show.


Kare Plus supported me throughout my journey. The support team provided extensive training and provided me with step-by-step guidance as I opened my business. Questions like, how do I attract clients? How do I appoint an assistant manager? How do I market my business? And many other queries, were all covered by the support functions.


The support doesn’t end there though. I’m close to my fourth year of operating and I still attend training sessions and utilise the resources available to me whenever I need them.”


Although Imran had previous experience of operating a business, he had no knowledge of the healthcare industry. Often regarded as one of the most regulated industries in the world, healthcare is a service we’re all connected to in someway and, as such, we all expect exceptional quality from it. Kare Plus designed the support function and training sessions with newcomers in mind and the goal is to bring franchise owners up to speed on the intricacies of the healthcare industry.


I knew nothing about healthcare when I began, but right from the off the franchise sales team pointed me in the right direction and told me what to research. A good franchisor will empower you to learn and educate yourself, giving you the best shot at building your own success story.”


Imran’s passion and appetite for success are undoubtedly two of the biggest driving forces behind his success, but he also credits the support of Kare Plus as a crucial part of his journey.


Imran finished his talk on a high, celebrating his achievements to date whilst sharing a short anecdote about a director at Kare Plus.


I started with no knowledge of the healthcare industry and no previous experience of owning a franchise. It wasn’t always easy for me; there was a time when my business was not performing well at all, and I was stuck in a rut. One day, I received a call from a director late at night and they said, “Tomorrow morning is a new day.


I now employ over 350 people and my business turns over £6,000,000 a year. Something that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Kare Plus.”


If you would like to find out more about Imran’s story as a franchise owner, or see how you can begin your own journey to success, please visit our profile page by clicking the link below.