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Up to 70% Finance with Our Finance Partners

Finance. It’s probably one of the most daunting factors when considering starting your own business. However, did you know that banks and other lending providers comfortably support the franchising industry?

Franchises have a track record of financial stability compared to general business start-ups because they are built on existing, successful business models and already have brand identification. This means that the finance provider is more confident in getting their money back when lending to a franchise compared to an independent company, often resulting in a higher percentage of funding.

Your healthcare business venture could be within reach with Kare Plus. You could be eligible for funding for up to 70% of the overall cost (franchise fee + working capital). We are proud to be able to provide funding solutions by working with some of the largest lenders in the industry including HSBC bank.

At Kare Plus, we support you every step of the way, understanding that everyone’s funding requirements are different and supporting you to procure the lending product best for you. We put you in touch with our lending partners who will assess your circumstances, on an independent level, further supporting your funding application and providing guidance within business planning. Our rigorous process and support ensure you the best possible chance of loan approval and overall success.

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