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What do you need to know before starting a healthcare franchise?

If you are thinking about purchasing a healthcare franchise with Kare Plus, you can be rest assured that you will be supported every step of the way. From your first enquiry to long after you are set up and on your way, we’ll be here to lend a helping hand.

As a healthcare franchisor, Kare Plus has developed a successful and proven business model which provides our franchisees with a reliable one-stop-solution. Our team at HQ are always one step ahead so that our network remains committed, productive and well informed on areas such as marketing, compliance and business development.

We understand that taking the leap into franchising can be a long and difficult decision, that’s why we’ve shared our advice on the things you should consider before buying a healthcare franchise.

How much is it going to cost?

The first thing to consider is how much it is going to cost to get your franchise up and running. This includes purchase costs, your opening inventory and the amount of working capital you will need before breaking even.

Is the franchisor right for you?

Not all franchisors are the same so it is important to take the time to look at the pros and cons of each one before making the decision of which franchise you want to buy. Consider researching factors such as how long has the company been in business, their success rate and how long franchisees stay on average.

What does it take to run a successful franchise?

Running a successful franchise is hard work, even with a tried and tested model, there still can be times where you feel things aren’t going to plan. That’s why it is good to be aware of what it takes to run a successful franchise.

Being passionate about the industry of your franchise, knowing the market and its competitors are all areas which will contribute to running a successful franchise. Other attributes such as being organised, a good motivator, an effective communicator and a people person are further beneficial traits to help running a franchise, successfully.

Also, do your research. If you can, speak to other franchisees and ask them what they found helped to make their franchise more successful.

What kind of help does the franchisor provide?

Before starting your franchise, make sure you are clear about the level of support you will receive. The majority of new franchisees will receive extensive training and support to help you learn the brand’s business model and how to make your new franchise successful.

Unlike starting your own business, when starting a franchise, you are not alone. It can be difficult asking for help when things aren’t going to plan, but if you know that support is there for you and the franchisor is willing to help, it will make the process much easier!

If you are interested in starting your own healthcare franchise, please get in touch with our Franchising team on 01952 783338 or email franchising@kareplus.co.uk