Kare Plus "Join the UK's most established multi service healthcare franchise"

Kare Plus at the forefront of female franchisee entrepreneurship

In the UK, just 5.5% of women are likely to be entrepreneurs, yet 44% of franchisees within the UK’s most established multi-service healthcare franchise, Kare Plus are women – a significant increase over the national average.

In recent years, the rise of female entrepreneurs has been incredible, with a 45% increase between 2003-2006 and 2013-2016, and with franchising becoming an increasingly popular entry-route into business ownership, it is no surprise it is at the forefront of female entrepreneurship.

Kare Plus provides nursing and healthcare staffing solutions to a variety of medical and non-medical establishments, as well as registered homecare services where regulator registration has taken place. Operating within the healthcare sector, it is no coincidence the high proportion of female franchise owners is similar to the high 46% of senior female staff within the NHS.

Dr. Louise May owns two Kare Plus franchises, in both Wirral and Liverpool, and is one of the most prominent members of the network; chairing the Franchise Advisory Committee, driving new compliance procedures and championing the work of nurses and HCAs.

Previously a nurse and University Dean, Dr. Louise May has used her experience to maximise her business plan and, as a result, recently won the Kare Plus Franchise Owner of the Year Award.

If you’re unsure about joining the Kare Plus network, speak to one of the many female franchise owners there are”, she explained.

“Since I joined the network in 2013, the number of female franchise owners has increased tenfold; something that can be attributed to the excellent, forward thinking attitude of the entire network. I’ve found an excellent amount of success in the Kare Plus network, which is a result of hard-work and dedication to running a leading healthcare business in an environment that celebrates dedication to success rather than limiting people based on out-of-date factors.

Kare Plus Rugby franchise owner, Amy Hardy has been in the network for nearly two years and has used the flexibility of being self-employed and support of an award-winning franchise support team to allow her to raise her children whilst continuing to run a successful healthcare business.

Throughout my pregnancy, the support I received from the Kare Plus Head Office was excellent. My business development manager worked with me to ensure I could work from home should I need to, giving me the freedom to focus on my family whilst still running my Kare Plus franchise.

During my time as a franchise owner, I’ve found that Kare Plus provides all businesses with the tools and support to foster success, meaning all members of the network have the facility to excel – regardless of gender.”

The Kare Plus network still has franchise opportunities across the UK, with the most recent franchise owners, Sandeep Johal and Kaye Eriaduwa of Leicester and Ipswich respectively, joining just two weeks ago at the beginning of November – further increasing the number of females in the network.

Dominic Rothwell, Group Director of Operations concluded: “Kare Plus is proud to be an equal-rights employer and I welcome the increase of female-owned Kare Plus franchises in recent years. We foster a business environment in which passion and hard work are rewarded, regardless of gender. There are some really excellent female success stories within our network and I would be thrilled to see even more of them in the future.”

It is not just female franchise owners helping drive the Kare Plus brand and network forward though. Numerous female recruitment consultants and registered care managers are employed by franchises, and 50% of the Head Office support team is also female.

If you are considering starting your own business, a Kare Plus franchise may be able to provide the support, multi-service income and industry that could help start your entrepreneurial journey. To find out more, you can contact our franchise sales team on 01952 783 338 or email franchising@kareplus.co.uk. Alternatively, you can visit www.kareplusfranchising.co.uk to find out more about why some of our female franchise owners decided to join Kare Plus.