Kare Plus "Join the UK's most established multi service healthcare franchise"

Join a franchise that shines in adversity

No one could have comprehended that we would be facing the challenge of a global pandemic in 2020; Covid-19 seemed to come as quickly as a tsunami and for some sectors, will have had an almost similar devastating impact, one that may be hard to recover from.

As a rapidly growing healthcare franchise network, the services that Kare Plus offers are very much in demand; the diversification of care services means the need for greater care and support services continue to rapidly increase.

Whist the severity of COVID-19 has brought many industries to a halt, the healthcare sector is one that has had to endure. Consequently, Kare Plus is looking for additional franchise partners to join its dynamic network and speak to people who want to make a positive difference to their local community.

The Kare Plus model puts franchise owners at the forefront of healthcare needs within local communities. Not only is a care franchise a smart and lucrative investment, it is a chance to open a business that is, not only personally rewarding but also improves lives: While you operate in the sector, you have the guidance, support and encouragement of an experienced partner with a proven track record, resulting in a decreased risk of business failure.

As a provider of exceptional nursing, care and support services since 1989 and following new ownership in 2010 and subsequent rebrand, the Kare Plus network has since strategically expanded from 3 to 70 offices across the UK and beyond, delivering multi-service healthcare workforce solutions; and homecare and support services to the public and private sector.

With over 30 years of operating in the industry, Kare Plus is one of the most experienced and diverse healthcare franchises in the UK and continues to expand internationally with a strong presence in Ireland, Dubai and Norway.

Everyone’s needs are unique and with that Kare Plus understand that everyone wants something different from the care and support they receive. By continually improving the accessibility and enhancement of care provision Kare Plus is able to wholly support their franchisees to meet the ongoing needs and wants from those in their local community.

Aided by a proven business model and an experienced and passionate support team, Kare Plus has developed a broad range of services which achieve the high standards of quality our customers expect. These services grow and expand year on year, ensuring our franchise owners can capitalise on demand.

Being able to provide a wide variety of workforce solutions enables, not only more choice for our customers but also multiple revenue streams for our offices. By supporting you to deliver multiple high-quality services, the Kare Plus model ensures diversity of income and new opportunities, and most importantly a future proof investment. This also means that where other franchisors will set you up with a business, we will support you to grow and adapt to your local market, the ever-changing demands of the industry and challenges of the economic climate.

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