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What factors drive a healthcare franchise network’s success?

Running a successful franchise network involves a lot of work, even with a tried and tested model, there can still be times where you feel things aren’t going to plan. That’s why it is good to be aware of what it takes to run a successful franchise network.

There are a variety of factors which determine how successful a franchise network is. Some of which we have outlined below:

1)     A good franchise model

A good franchise business model is crucial to a franchise network’s success. As the healthcare market is so competitive and continuously changing it is important that the model takes these factors into account.

The Kare Plus franchise model has been carefully designed to provide the customer with a reliable one-stop-solution. A lot of time is spent on researching and developing our systems and processes, recognising that the market, technology, policy and innovation shifts on a daily basis. Our team at Kare Plus HQ work hard to remain one step ahead, so that our network remains steadfast, productive and well-informed.

2)     A strong brand

The greatest asset a franchise can have is an established brand. Establishing a brand does take time, however, when your brand is well-established, you will benefit from your name being recognised and this will encourage more people to invest in your business and also broaden your client base.

Kare Plus has undergone some innovative changes since we were founded in 1989 which has helped make our brand stronger. As a result, franchise owners enter Kare Plus with a readymade market to help them hit the ground running.

3)     A great team

Your employees are the backbone of a franchise network. Without their day-to-day work and commitment to the franchise, the network wouldn’t be as successful as it could be. If you put the effort into building a strong team which has good leadership and lots of motivation this will help in making the franchise more successful.

4)     Support from the franchisor

Every successful franchise network will have the support of their franchisor behind them every step of the way. Your franchisor should provide you with clear guidance and support, a comprehensive guide to managing your franchise and provide any training you need.

The great thing about starting a franchise is that you are not alone. The team at Kare Plus HQ will be behind you, not just in the early stages of starting out, but also in the long-term and on a continual basis. Our award winning support team is second to none. All Kare Plus franchise owners have both face-to-face and telephone support from our head office team of experts in compliance, recruitment, marketing and business development.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting challenge, get in touch with our franchising team on 01952 783338 or email franchising@kareplus.co.uk.