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Unlike other niche sectors, healthcare is an essential service, regardless of economic climate. What’s truly important in a viable, recession-proof business opportunity, is that you can offer a range of services to meet the growing demand of this ever-changing marketplace. The healthcare sector has witnessed dramatic levels of change in 2020 which has realigned the way in which care is commissioned and delivered. It has also changed the way many think about care and the substantial value it holds.

As an established franchisor, Kare Plus understands the importance of a business model that offers a diversity of services to help combat growing demands of the sector, while safeguarding the security of your business and investment.

Despite 2020 being a challenging year it was also one that presented opportunity, outlining that change can lead to chance: Kare Plus has seen a record level of growth in homecare by 64% and this is only the tip of the iceberg of what is achievable in a sector where there is still plenty of scope for expansion.

“Nine out of ten people state they would rather receive care in their home than move into residential care.” – Colin Angel, Policy Director for UKHCA

Within this article, we wanted to share the journey of one of our franchise owners who, like many today, decided to alter his path and diversify into the healthcare sector during a period of economic uncertainty, to assure you that sometimes making a choice to change is transformative to life. This franchisee is Imran Qureshi of Kare Plus Oxford:

“The last recession made me consider what the future held for me. Like many entrepreneurs, I wanted to make an investment that enabled me to harness my entrepreneurial spirit and to be successful.

To have a successful business, I believe you need to have a diverse service offering for your customers and I for one did not want a business to work in, I wanted a business to work on. That is why I knew back then healthcare was my future.

The healthcare market is so diverse with everyone having a variety of care needs and I never understood why you would set up a business that only provided one type of care. The Kare Plus model really gave me confidence in the brand and its future resilience to economic challenges because of its ability to access multiple revenue streams that exist within the healthcare framework.

When I met with the team at Kare Plus it was obvious it had been built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and it became very clear that this was one that would empower me to break into the healthcare sector and own a business that is both profitable and personally rewarding.

Following the Kare Plus model with injected commitment, passion, and hard work, we have a achieved a total turnover if £18m since our inauguration in 2015 with our last annual turnover totaling £4m. This equates to an average of £3.4m per year over the initial 5-year franchise agreement with Kare Plus.”

Imran’s story is one of many within our network and with many successes to share. Contact our sales team today on 01952 783338.