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Aspiration To Acquisition: Episode IV featuring Ged Brew of Kare Plus Altrincham

Ged Brew has been a Kare Plus franchisee since 2016. Due to the dedication and commitment he and his team have provided to the local community he now operates across 4 franchise locations.

Ged’s passion for care is truly evident in everything he does. Even when the country was in a state of lock-down he and his team were going above and beyond to ensure the needs of his customers were met. On one occasion they worked with another local business and created afternoon tea boxes for his clients to enjoy. I am sure you can agree, these went down a treat!

To truly understand the underlying passion and drive that has made Ged so successful in the care sector we have to go back to the beginning of Ged’s Story.

Ged’s passion for care arose from a somewhat personal experience. This was when he saw his parents were going through a challenging time trying to provide quality care for his grandparents. Ged felt that there had to be a better way and seeing the success of one of his friends, who was already running a successful Kare Plus business. Having kept a watchful eye over time and speaking to his friend he was introduced further to the potential of franchising.

‘I knew nothing about the sector, but I knew I had the ambition to provide outstanding care, that made a franchise partner so important for me’ Ged advised.

‘In 2016 there were significant changes to the landscape of my previous role of over 20 years as a Law Cost Draftsman’s and Consultant in the legal industry, I decided it was the perfect time to commence on a new journey and I opened my first business with Kare Plus in Altrincham’.

As an established franchisee within our network Ged acknowledges that his support needs have changed significantly over the years.

In sharing his thoughts on the support that he has received, Ged outlined ‘As much as having a franchise can be challenging at times, I don’t see how you can operate in the sector without a franchise partner. In my opinion there is no way you could do this on your own if you’re not from the sector.

‘I like being a Kare Plus Franchisee and I have learnt a lot on my Kare Plus journey. I have especially found the support provided by the Modern Matron, Director of Regulated Services and Operations Manager fundamental to my growth and to the expansion of my businesses.’

‘The support they have provided me with has not only been relevant to my needs but also to the various challenges which have arisen through having various territories. I could not have done it without them.’

Ged feels that if he had one piece of advice for those potentially interested in a franchise it would be as follows:

‘I came into this sector confident having ran businesses before. The healthcare sector however is completely different and isn’t for everyone. You can walk in and think you can do this independently because you have business acumen, but this may not be the case, so do your research’.

‘You have to know what you’re getting into; you need to speak to franchisees and see what challenges they faced, and mistakes made and where they are now, every journey is different.’

‘Just because it’s a franchise doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy either. You must be committed, take the good with the bad. It is a long term, full time investment but if you remain committed driven and passionate, with the right people around you there are rewards to be made, this franchise opportunity is testament to that.’

Ged’s goals are as clear as they have ever been.

In closing he concluded ‘the journey so far has further cemented my self-belief that we can provide and deliver outstanding care. We are different to other companies as we want to be better than everyone else, and who would not want that?’

‘We are in this to provide exceptional care. I am more driven and committed to delivering the ethos of the company than ever. Thanks to the franchise opportunity I am in a stronger position than ever to provide care and to continue to generate employment opportunities for all local communities I work with.’

If like Ged, you have a burning passion to make a real difference as well as making your aspirations a reality please contact Kare Plus Franchising today.