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Join the UK's most established multi service healthcare franchise.

Franchise Opportunity in Wrexham…

Franchising is recognised as a dynamic growing business activity, increasingly accepted and respected by the public, the government, the banks, and by the business community.

Healthcare franchise owners are required to run and manage their business to the highest standard: Playing a vital role in the development of the Kare Plus business, whist also securing their future. It is a two-way partnership with both parties bringing expertise and discipline to the enterprise. A franchise owner can expect full support but must be the business driver, taking a leading role and showing initiative.

The role of the franchisor is always to provide the training, the systems and the support. The company and franchise owners will always go to whatever lengths necessary to protect the Kare Plus brand and reputation, for the benefit of the entire network, all of its staff and its customers.

If you are interested in the opportunity of starting a healthcare franchise in Wrexham, please fill in our contact form or alternatively give our franchising team a call on 01952 783338.

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