Kare Plus "Join the UK's most established multi service healthcare franchise"

“From the compliance team through to marketing, Kare Plus supports me in every aspect of my daily operations”.

With over 30 years of operating in the healthcare industry, 17 years of providing homecare and 65 franchisees delivering homecare across the UK, it made perfect sense to offer aspiring Kare Plus franchisees the opportunity to build a homecare only franchise. One franchise owner who jumped at the chance to build a homecare-focused franchise was Adriana Cocut.

Adriana entered our network as the flagship Homecare by Kare Plus franchise and so far she helped pave the way for those franchisees following in her footsteps.

Much like other franchise businesses, no two days are ever the same in a Homecare by Kare Plus franchise. Whether it’s supporting customers in the home, or working with carers to ensure any problems are solved before they become problems, our franchise owners enjoy variety in their daily routines.

“I often start my working day speaking to staff members who are on a shift because regular contact ensures everyone is happy. I then check my emails and I scan my diary, which allows me to build my working day around incoming requests and any meetings I may have planned.”

Maintaining regular contact with staff is important for our franchise owners and it’s something that Adriana finds personally rewarding. Building solid relationships and making yourself approachable are both core principles of operating a homecare franchise and this is something Adriana has already committed to on a daily basis. 

I maintain regular contact with my customers as well as my staff. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of operating a Homecare by Kare Plus franchise and it’s something I regularly make time for.

My office door remains open at all times and I encourage staff to speak with me.”

With previous experience in the health and social care sector, Adriana knew what to expect from industry, however she hadn’t run her own business before. An intensive-week long training session brought her up to speed on the ins and outs of operating a business, a week that set her up for the busy day-to-day of operating a Homecare by Kare Plus franchise.

“No working day is the same, and at any one time I am thinking about holding interviews, contacting customers so I can monitor the quality of my service, meeting staff to provide supervisory sessions, arranging payroll and many, many more tasks.

If there’s anything I’m ever unsure about I can contact the head office team who are always happy to provide guidance and support whenever I may need it. From the compliance team through to marketing, Kare Plus supports me in every aspect of my daily operations.”

Right from the very start, Adriana was vocal about her aim to provide high-quality care from a transparent and person-centred franchise. This focus on people is evident in her relationships with staff and her commitment to supporting customers. With each new enquiry, Adriana plans a visit with the customer or a representative to ensure Homecare by Kare Plus is able to provide the support they need.

“Another important part of my day-to-day routine involves home visits, which can be one of the more challenging parts of the role. This is because some people can understandably be a little weary of allowing strangers into their home. It’s a process that’s worth it because I know it gives me a chance to change someone’s life by designing a care plan which not only supports them, but one which empowers them to live the life they want.”

Adriana is still building her business and there’s a long way to go on her journey, but so far she has excelled in her the role of operating Homecare by Kare Plus Newark. Focusing on the present is important, but Adriana is looking ahead to where her business will be in the years to come.

My focus is on what’s ahead of me and where Homecare by Kare Plus Newark will be in 6, 12 and 24 months time!

“I believe the success of a franchise is built on two things; the strength of the model itself and the mental fortitude of the franchise owner. Building a Homecare by Kare Plus franchise takes dedication, time and energy. If you bring those three things to the table, the fantastic model will work for you like it has for me.”

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