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If I could describe being a Kare Plus franchise owner in one word, I would use ‘inspiring’”

From solicitor to healthcare provider: The Kare Plus franchisee who wanted to build something truly special

No matter the career path we’ve chosen or the skills we’ve built over the years, there are those of us who wish for change and to work in an environment deemed to be more rewarding. One such individual who chose this path was Ashley Webb of Kare Plus Taunton.

Having previously worked as a solicitor, Ashley found himself weighing up the reality of building a business and the trials, tribulations and benefits associated with it. 

“Being a solicitor was an interesting career, but I felt the career opportunities were limited due to various statutory developments and the hours were also quite long.

“After researching franchising, I was attracted to the benefits that an established, successful franchise model could provide me – which included an excellent level of support.”

The inherent adaptability of the Kare Plus model and its long-term potential were big draws for Ashley, but it was the prospect of building a franchise that has an ingrained social value which really sold Ashley on the long-term potential of a Kare Plus franchise. 

Building a franchise which plays an important role in the local community is very important to me. We all care about care, which is why it seemed like one of the most logical choices in my journey to build a franchise.”

Although Ashley is still quite early on in his journey as a franchise owner, he’s already finding success having established his business a reliable provider of high-quality care in the Taunton area. He credits this success to a number of different things.

A combination of accepting this is a new venture where there is a great deal to learn and employing key personnel who have the relevant experience and skills to help the franchise move forward. This includes my recently appointed recruitment consultant who has already made a vast difference.

“The support of Kare Plus, along with its knowledge, materials and experience, has played a vital role in helping me get off the ground so quickly. Having the safety net of an experienced franchisor really does make all the difference.”

While Ashley is ultimately focused on the long-term success of his Kare Plus franchise, he recognises that franchising is in many ways a group effort as many of our franchise owners regularly share best practices amongst themselves and take full advantage of the support systems provided by the franchisor.

The Kare Plus network is driven, enthusiastic and passionate about the Kare Plus vision, which is something I can really get behind. The model, the support, the systems and the head office team, everything is streamlined and available, meaning I can focus on building my franchise.”

With some success behind him already, Ashley is looking forward to the year ahead and the prospect of building his Kare Plus franchise.

We want to consolidate and build upon the relationships we have established so far, create new business relationships within our region and make Kare Plus the priority provider for all existing and new clients. Something I know will be possible with the guidance and support of my appointed regional support manager and the Kare Plus team.

 What would Ashley say to anyone considering franchising?

Be conscious that you are investing in not only your own future but also the future of others. Cooperating with your fellow franchise owners and your franchisor will increase the likelihood of finding success.

If I could describe being a Kare Plus franchise owner in one word, I would use ‘inspiring’. It’s something I really do recommend to anyone who finds themselves in the same position I was.”

If like Ashley, you are interested in a change of direction or interested in further immersing yourself into the healthcare sector, why not find out more about the Kare Plus opportunity and how it can meet your personal and business ambitions.

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